News in the Lab 

Autumn 2017


First of all, we had the pleasure to have Cornelia S. Issler, a Zurich-based medical student, visiting our lab. In the picture you can see us having some drinks with her in the center. She worked with WT and RTP801 KO MEFs and she got pretty interesting results. Therefore, we wanted her to stay a little bit more ;-) Cornelia...

She is the most skeptical scientist we ever met and the most interactive speaker in the symposia. Do not take it personally if she asks you back why are you asking her such a question. It is her Binefar style! So we are looking forward to see her debut in the SfN in Washington in November 2017.

Finally, the day has come. Arnau defended his TFG and was awarded with a 9,2 over 10. Congratulations! Although he is too young to know the actor, we are preparing a T-shirt with this message:

Just kidding, ha ha ha. Not right now! Not yet but who knows? She will keep doing immunos and westerns, till the end of the PhD. But just in case if you become famous, remember us!!