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The laboratory is based on the Unit of Biochemistry in the Faculty of Medicine from the Universitat de Barcelona, in the city center. The faculty is side-by-side with the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, a reference worldwide in research and clinical practice.  The Faculty of Medicine is the perfect environment for students, researchers and clinicians to interact and collaborate to advance in science.


Cristina Malagelada Grau

Principal Investigator


Núria Martín-Flores

PhD Student


Leticia Pérez-Sisqués

PhD Student


Arnau Llobet Rosell

Master Student



Joan Romaní-Aumedes

Current position: Posdoctoral Fellow at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland)

Mercè Canal de la Iglesia

Current position: PhD investigator at Hipra company (Girona, Spain)

Víctor Pérez Fernández

Current position: PhD Student at Western Sydney University (Australia)

Julián Bobis Camacho

Biomedical Sciences Undergraduate Student

Dr. Malagelada's CV summary:

I graduated and earned my  PhD in Biochemistry at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. During my thesis I visited Dr. Mark P. Goldberg's laboratory at Washington University in St. Louis (MO, USA). I defended the doctoral thesis in July of 2003, obtaining the qualification of Excellent Cum Laude. From this period, I published 3 first-author articles in journals in the field of ischemia and neuroscience (Malagelada et al., Stroke 2004, Malagelada et al., Neurobiol of Dis., 2005 and Malagelada et al., Neurobiol of Dis., 2009 ) And three more as co-authors.
In October of 2003, I began my first postdoctoral stay in the group of Dr. Nikolaos Robakis in the Dpt. of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City (USA). In June of 2004 I began my second postdoctoral stay in the group of Dr. Lloyd A. Greene, at Columbia University in New York, studying the RTP801 / REDD1 protein in Parkinson's disease. We found that RTP801 induced neuronal death in cellular and Parkinsonian animal models, sequentially inactivating mTOR (Malagelada et al., JNeurosci, 2006) and Akt (Malagelada et al., JNeurosci, 2008). Pharmacological blockade of the induction of RTP801 with rapamycin was protective in cellular and parkinsonian animal models (Malagelada et al., JNeurosci, 2010). In addition, RTP801 proved to play a crucial role in the development of the telencephalon (Malagelada et al., JNeurosci, 2011). In 2008, I got my first "faculty appointment" as Associate Research Scientist in the same department of Columbia University. In June 2009 I was awarded with a Ramón y Cajal contract from Spanish Ministry of Economy (MINECO), and in April 2010  I independently started my research group in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona.  I currently have a research project funded by MINECO. I also have the participation of two pre-doctoral students, Núria Martín Flores (FPI fellow) and Leticia Pérez Sisqués, to whom I am directing their doctoral thesis. Arnau Llobet Rosell with a biochemistry degree, will be doing the Master of Neuroscience' project with us. During the 2010-present period:
A) We have enjoyed 3 research projects from MINECO, a European Marie Curie Reintegration project of the European Union, a US project of the M.J. Fox and we are part of a consolidated research group SGR of the Generalitat de Catalunya;
B) We have published 6 research articles (Romaní-Aumedes et al., CDD 2014, Canal et al., Front Neurosci, 2014; Martín-Flores et al., Molec Neurobiol 2016; Gassó et al., Eur Neuropsychopharm 2015; Et al., Oncotarget 2016; Saavedra et al., BBA 2017);
C) I have directed 4 doctoral theses of which two have already been defended (Dr. Romaní-Aumedes and Dr. Canal) with Excellent Cum Laude, 2 end-of-degree projects (Víctor Pérez and Clara Mauri) and three Masters of Neuroscience (Núria Martín-Flores, Víctor Pérez and Leticia Pérez-Sisqués).
D) We have filed two patent applications: the first one was successfully transferred to the company, AB Biotics, and the second one is in the process of negotiating with other companies in the sector.
We are also part of an international consortium with whom we are requesting European projects such as the European call for this year JPND.